Esplanaden 6, Copenhagen, 1263, Denmark

Alessandro Sarfatti – “We must work in all directions, and in each one find a small amount of innovation” – my father used to say this, and he was right; because as long as we move forward, towards something that’s more meaningful, more respectful and more relevant – each step is as valuable as the other, deserving the same consideration and respect. I like to think of this capacity to capture the best of what’s been, and turning it into the heart of what’s to come, as the essence of evolution.   As such, I also see it as the starting point for Astep, the company that I have just created. A company that looks at the future yet also continues on the path devised by two great entrepreneurs: my father Riccardo Sarfatti and by his father Gino Sarfatti.   Timeless inventions Astep is a design c...

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