Staldenhof 2, Lucerne, 6014, Switzerland

COMING SOON In the world of mid-century design, names like Eames and Jacobsen often command the spotlight. Yet, for those who appreciate clean lines, functional ingenuity, and an understated elegance, the Swiss company Baltensweiler holds a special allure. Founded by the design duo Rosemarie and Rico Baltensweiler in 1951, the company's enduring appeal lies in its mastery of light as both a practical element and a sculptural component of a space. To understand Baltensweiler, it's important to acknowledge the broader Swiss design movement. Influenced by the Bauhaus, Swiss designers often championed a less-is-more philosophy. Functionality was paramount, but never at the expense of refined aesthetics. Baltensweiler embodied this approach with a clear focus on illumination that enhanced ...

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