Via per Montesolaro, Cantù (CO), 22063, Italy

Desalto, a renowned Italian furniture brand, exemplifies the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Founded in 1990 by four brothers Ettore, Walter, Ambrogio and Fausto Orsenigo, who hail from a family steeped in metalworking tradition, the company has since been a frontrunner in producing aesthetically sophisticated and functional furniture. Celebrated for its unique design approach, Desalto emphasizes harmony, expressive elegance, clean designs, and originality, distinguishing itself in the modern furniture landscape. At the core of Desalto's philosophy is a strong commitment to Italian craftsmanship. The brand proudly represents the 'Made in Italy' ethos, known globally for excellent quality and production capacity. Its products, crafted in the richly traditional Brianza area, are ...

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