Stora Backegatan 2, Diö, 343 71, Sweden

In a world often obsessed with the cutting-edge and the overtly trendy, Gemla, the oldest wooden chair factory in Sweden, stands as a testament to the enduring power of craftsmanship, heritage, and a deep respect for timeless design. Founded in 1861 in Diö, a small village nestled among the forests of Småland, Gemla has been quietly honing its craft for over a century and a half. Their story is one of continuity, where tradition and a refined understanding of their core material - wood - serve as the guiding principles in creating furniture that transcends fleeting trends. The heart of Gemla lies in their mastery of steam-bent wood. This technique, while painstaking, allows for the creation of graceful curves and sinuous forms that were previously impossible to achieve with traditional wo...

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