Hohenesch 68, Hamburg, 22765, Germany

COMING SOON In the heart of Germany's Thuringia region, the small city of Auma holds a unique place in design history. It's the birthplace of Midgard Licht, a pioneer of adjustable lighting and a symbol of German functionalist design principles. Founded in 1919 by industrialist Curt Fischer, Midgard was born from a desire to revolutionize lighting in industrial workplaces. Fischer, himself an engineer, recognized the shortcomings of static ceiling fixtures and envisioned a new kind of light - one that could be precisely directed and moved with ease. Fischer's breakthrough was the "steerable light". Rejecting decorative ornamentation in favor of pure function, he created the original Midgard modular lamp. Its defining features - exposed metal joints, articulated arms, and conical shade...

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