Röthlisberger Kollektion

Sägeweg 11, Gümligen, 3073, Switzerland

Nestled in the tranquil Swiss town of Muri bei Bern, Röthlisberger Kollektion exists at the intersection of tradition and modernity. This fourth-generation family business isn't merely a furniture manufacturer. It's a torchbearer of Swiss precision, a design house where the line between art and functionality blurs beautifully. Founded in 1928 and known for their comprehensive interior fit-outs, the Röthlisberger Kollektion emerged in the late 1970s as their standalone furniture design arm, and their work has since redefined how we think about contemporary living. Walking into their showroom feels a bit like entering a gallery exhibition. There's a quiet reverence in the air. Each piece commands attention, not through visual extravagance, but through a subtle sophistication. Sleek minimali...

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