Äussere Münchner Strasse 2, Wolfratshausen, 82515, Germany

COMING SOON Zeitraum Möbel, a name whispered amongst those with a penchant for refined craftsmanship and understated elegance, has been quietly shaping the landscape of German design since its founding in 1990. Eschewing flashy trends and an obsession with novelty, Zeitraum instead focuses on creating furniture imbued with both enduring quality and a timeless aesthetic that transcends fleeting stylistic whims. Their pieces are meant to not just inhabit a space, but to become cherished companions throughout the years. The company's philosophy is rooted its location. Nestled in the heart of Bavaria's Wolfratshausen region near Munich, Zeitraum draws inspiration from the surrounding landscape and a deep-seated tradition of artisanal wood craftsmanship. While embracing cutting-edge technol...

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